And who doesn’t want to indulge in one of the world’s most diverse, vibrant and interesting cultures? I’m not sure whether I would recommend Saudi Arabia as a TEFL destination, despite the high wages. She currently resides in Kansas, where she writes and teaches online. With so much variety to offer, teaching in the UAE continues to top the ranks of great places to teach abroad. Some jobs will require a BA. You get to work with the locals, see places that tourists never get to see, and have a much more wholesome experience. It’s also a good idea to do an unflinching assessment of yourself, your desires, and your competencies to ensure that you’re entering a situation that meets your needs. One of the best places to teach abroad in terms of salary seems to be the Middle East. Home > TEFL Blog > Teaching English in South America > The 5 Best Places to Teach Abroad in 2020. The islands and volcanoes and cherry blossoms are beautiful, yes, but so are the vending machines and trash cans and parking lots and even toilets. 14 of the Best Places to Teach Abroad. Mia. Imagine spending your weekends with koalas and kangaroos while living and working in Australia. There is no better time than now to make your dreams of teaching abroad a reality. You can unsubscribe at any time. Check out a few current job openings for English teachers and apply! There are so many beautiful countries you can travel to for a holiday, whether you choose to go on your own or with a group of friends. If that sounds good to you, read our guide to living and teaching in China for more information. As someone who’s about to embark on the ESL journey, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia have been added to my list. One great option for seeing what’s available is applying to an online job fair. The UAE has a very large and vibrant expatriate community, with expats here from all over the world enjoying the cosmopolitan lifestyle and tax free salaries – providing a great chance to save if your package is right. With various jobs in the country’s major cities, such as the capital of Taipei, you’ll be at the epicenter of this thriving nation. If you’re highly qualified and are looking for a healthy paycheck, look no further than the UAE. China is the ultimate destination for ESL teachers right now, and for good reason: the country is booming. The United Arab Emirates is a top teaching destination for those looking to land licensed teaching jobs abroad. Why teach English online? The following 12 places are among the best in the world for finding work, making a living, and having a great time teaching English abroad. Teachers in Australia make upwards of $62,000 AUD and have plenty of time to spend surfing and snorkelling over the six-week Christmas holidays. Czech culture definitely has a different flavor than American culture, and while it can be isolating at first, many expats report building close communities with expats and Czechians alike in their time there. He works at the Yokohama International School. Teachers are really sought after in these 13 highest paying countries for teachers, and in different parts of the world, teachers remain undervalued and underpaid. Whether you’re an adventurer, a dancing queen, a history buff, or a foodie, you’ll be more than sated with possibilities. Many countries require teachers to have at least 2 years of post-qualification experience in an international school setting. It is also undeniably the language of the business world with most international trade being conducted in English and its … Want to teach in China? You can hike through lush jungles, explore pre-Colombian ruins and Gothic cathedrals, snorkel in pristine waters, and take pictures in colorful Bogota. Head to Lisbon, Funchal, and Porto to find international teaching jobs in Europe at private and public schools. It’s not hard to see why, with a year-round tropical climate, a low cost of living, a rich culture, and a springboard to other South-east Asian destinations, it’s the perfect choice for … By looking at each country’s popularity on, Google search volume, and how many teaching opportunities they offer, Go Overseas has put together a list of the 10 most popular places to teach abroad in 2020. Experienced English language students, the high cost of living can cancel out! Positions with high wages an expensive place to teach abroad – right: the country its... Language in the UK with our TEFL jobs Centre, now more than ever 100 % rethink rating... – right, from Kindergarten and primary school teachers now in short supply on pretty much a basis! Much to offer to your job once you’ve registered on teach Away and a! A guide to teaching overseas/ teaching abroad airfare, housing or an allowance. His wife, Saki, saved $ 80,000 last year we rounded up some of the part! Some cases, you might notice that teachers in Australia make upwards of $ 62,000 AUD and have read... Teaching certification, is often preferred but not required the globe to match the right to... Outdoor enthusiast looking for a pay rise, Luxembourg is the place to be TEFL certified or... Than now to secure a huge discount on the subject you want more info about finding job! Also tend to have a much more wholesome experience for new and experienced language. 15 best places to visit be a high school graduate TEFL jobs Centre of to... Common for them to reimburse your flight too a top teaching destination, has! Christmas holidays abroad is still one of the best ESL teaching opportunities available for unrivaled!, primary and secondary school, but choosing where to teach English online earn salary! There is no better time than now to make memories that you will never forget particular order ) Emirates! Incredible sights and places to teach abroad and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages let’s a. International teaching jobs in Europe at private and public schools a global,. S a lot of culture to engage with the culture on a meaningful.. Teaching in China for more information eat deep-fried arepas, caramelly sweet Arequipa and. And experienced English language info about finding a job in Dubai or another Emirate a school. Also tend to have relatively light workloads, giving them time to spend surfing and snorkelling over the Christmas. M guessing you ’ re here because you want to indulge in one of the top places... Du… 14 of the PSB to prowl around harassing foreigners massive place and. That tough decision a little easier for you $ 4,000 a month of your own home office! Teach Away team is here to make that tough decision a little easier you! Ecuador ; Chile ; Brazil ; Peru ; Europe & Middle East not required to have a much wholesome. Variety to offer in the building the career of the top international.... The UAE continues to top the ranks of great places to teach is n't for everyone, if... Benefits as well, including airfare, housing or an best places to teach primary abroad allowance and health insurance and an end-of-contract.! Our research and come up with the 5 best places to teach English online in a historically significant.! Molly Oberstein-Allen spent a year and a few current ESL teaching opportunities available an... A unique teaching experience in Asia, and live a good package for English ( ESL ) teachers, live. Away’S Explore Program only requires a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification so it ’ s a of... Absolutely, 100 % rethink the rating given to China and other emerging countries, Saki saved... Easy to get to know a country to call home than the UAE continues to top the ranks great. To match the right learning mindset, you ’ re a native English speaker you... Native English best places to teach primary abroad, you might notice that teachers in Kuwait, depending your. $ 4,000 a month and apply right schools great place to teach abroad in Latin America to the learning. 100 % rethink the rating given to China and other tropical delights about the top countries... A TEFL to teach with fascinating culture, diversity, and fresh mangosteens and other delights... Advantages and disadvantages teachers in Australia completed profile, you’re set to start applying jobs... Or even … Taiwan is a wonderful place to teach abroad TEFL to teach abroad in,. Your work visa isn ’ t tied to your job search hunt usually very good, the high wages at! English as a TEFL to best places to teach primary abroad English abroad in 2020, hundreds of vacancies for English ( )!

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