Also others such as feminine hygiene products, diapers for infants, etc. This topic becomes increasingly important as a disaster situation lengthens in time. The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, or right now. Especially for those of you who live where tornadoes might form. This has folks paying attention to having things on hand ready to use when needed. Be sure to have quite a few portable lights … Think ‘categories’ and then narrow it down within each category. Or keep in your vehicle’s kit. Spices and sauces can go a long way to turning staples into suppers. I like flashlights (a little too much). So it was a good investment. Also setting up a tent in your house could save you or your family. One can never have enough batteries. It is NOT a complete list of recommendations. Again, glad to see you posting here. This particular list is intended to provoke your own thoughts and ideas. My mom made breakfast on the camping stove–pancakes, sausage and bacon and eggs. Ken: hެWko�8�+��ˌV����N�Q%Hi��B�ҝ���QC�&f����k'P�@��QD��/����$��!a���|Q�p1�8���q��ǑO�$ I owe Ken a thank you as once I discovered this blog shortly after reading One Second After I started building the food supply. It’s easy to acquire a roll or two of plastic sheeting. If you do that, you have to wear the polypropolene clothing or Polar Fleece. Most people have a week or less at home. It’s not the Altoids themselves that are useful, but the tins. I recently contacted LifeStraw and asked them if their filters were usable, even if unused, if they have been in freezing temps. He is the resident TP king and Bean GURU. At Emergency Essentials, we help you focus on your first priority during a natural disaster or other emergency—your family. A nice prep to have on hand. Okay, maybe that’ll never happen (hopefully), but a crosscut saw and/or bow saw are great tools for fire making, camping, whatever. Having gear is one thing, but survival experts know that a great prep is a … Maybe designate a few of them for the Faraday Cage…, Battery operated radio for getting information when the power is out. Got a wood stove for heating? Motion lights are a GREAT deterrent. I still remember this to this day. One on my key-chain and others all around the house … Thanks for the heads-up Bill, it’s now corrected. A nice prep. BAM Our list of the top 101 Survival Gear Items our readers carry with them. e(e�1t4 H�W� i) � 02�3>������n{d���^$Un#�c�ӃY"W���H�%�a�Z�����d … Safe drinking water is paramount to survival. #56 Should be Spackle Bucket(s) both the big and small ones…. Just think on that for a few minutes. That’s where the Comment was based, anyway. He is in your neck of the woods. I have one and I love it. I’ve always liked the ‘ Sawyer Mini ‘ water filter. These things are great. A fantastic prep and skill to have. A good canteen and basins to catch rainwater. So many uses. But make sure you have toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine supplies, diapers, laundry detergent and … I also think it is important to have spices and sauces on hand to make food palatable. Because “what if?”…. MadFab. I had not considered trash compactor bags (because I don’t have one). Vitamins will also be in short supply. Here's a complete list of supplies to include in your emergency kit: Water (one gallon per person per day. Got enough fuel? Search Modern Survival Blog (72 Hour Kit). Pressure canning and Water bath canning are great ways to preserve foods. I was only 19, home visiting from college. Seeds, AND gardening experience. . per person per … Water We have the items listed including cases of water, 7-gallon water bricks, a. It’s a category of its own. You cannot go wrong with a Ruger 10/22 (.22 caliber) rifle. As you can see, I’ve split food into 3 groups (there are actually more, but this sets the notion of diversifying. Have been looking for ya on another site. easier to hide from the wife I think. Rather, this is a list to get you thinking about your own potential needs for preparedness. Basic Disaster Supplies Kit. These stoves are very efficient and quick for boiling water, heating foods. This was over Christmas. Don’t wait. Altoids. A half dozen or so of these inexpensive devices would be a good thing to have on hand.

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